About Us

Safe Lanes is ‘the one stop shop’ providing Marine Quality Assurance services across Shipping, Offshore and Terminal operations, Insurance Underwriters and P&I Clubs. Our services include assessment of Tanker and Offshore Safety Management System; appraisal of Marine Terminal Management Systems; preparation for ISO accreditation; undertaking of vessel audits/assessment including those for Navigation, ISM, ISO, ISPS, Cargo, Mooring and Engine room operations; pre-vetting inspections and pre-purchase inspection; Assessment of human element in the office and on board ship; designing customised Shore-based and On-board training programs.

We partner our clients to enhance overall safety standards and at the same time bring in cost efficiencies.

At Safe-Lanes our expertise is in recognizing the bottlenecks associated with processes; devising workable plans to optimize performance; and most importantly monitoring their effective execution for ensuring success.

Our Partners

Ship Wise

Safe-Lanes is a proud partner of Ship Wise – leading consultant specialized in Marine Asset Monitoring including ‘Managing the Manager’ for financial institutions and investors as also Independent Benchmarking of Cost Vs Quality of vessel operations from a database that spans more than 200 Owners across 40 countries.

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Safe-Lanes contributes to the lives of Seafarers through Seabook – A pioneering news aggregator that delivers personalized news feeds vide email to seafarers and shipping professionals worldwide. Get top stories delivered to your mail box from across business, technology, politics or sports, and update yourself with weather & exchange rates back home every day at sea and at shore.

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