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Vision & Mission

To provide an Ecosystem of highly synergetic Maritime solutions empowering Customers to manage their assets with utmost Safety & Efficiency. 

Our History

Founded in 2014, Safe Lanes started its operations with an aspiration to bridge the gap on expectations and understanding between Oil Majors and Ship Owners / Managers. 

Through time, we have enhanced our expertise in recognizing the bottlenecks associated with processes; devising workable plans to optimize performance; and most importantly monitoring their effective execution for ensuring success. 

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Rachit Jain - Founder & Managing Director 

Sahil Puri - Co-Founder 

Nitin Gandhi - Co-Founder 

Vijay Bist - Co-Founder 


Capt. Shaikh Rahim - Manager, Management Affairs

Capt. Rakesh Rawat - Management Advisor


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The services of Safe Lanes were recognized as one of the leading companies delivering quality services to the oil and gas industry. 

Social Responsibilities

At Safe Lanes, we are extremely passionate about contributing to people’s wellbeing – be it by creating a safe working environment on board our clients’ ships, ensuring a safe and heathy workplace for our employees, or helping disadvantaged sections of the community we live and operate in. 

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